NFT Underground Flea Market
726 E Cerro Gordo St Decatur, Illinois 62521

Latest reviews for NFT Underground Flea Market 5/5.0 stars (7 reviews)

Gina in Findlay, IL *****
Love this dusty old building and all the staff too!
makaylee in Forsyth, IL *****
Amazing thrift store with pleasant customer service! Must see this store in your lifetime!
Michelle in Decatur, IL *****
It is a great place and has a great variety of stuff!!!
Jenny in Bethany, IL *****
Hands down one of the best places in central Illinois to explore. You can go multiple times a month and always find new and must-have items for yourself or a loved one. It’s like getting lost in another world. Can’t say enough good things about this store! And it’s nestled between a handful of other antique/flea markets in their own little cul-de-sac just off of Eldorado (a major Decatur roadway.)
Angela in Brandon, MS *****
Very quaint little shop that offers a variety of things dating back years. A great walk thru history & the staff was very friendly!
Curt in Decatur, IL *****
Best antique store in Decatur. My son and I have been coming here since it opened and half of our house is filled with things from this store!
David in Decatur, IL *****
We love the place. Been shopping there for 4 - 5 years and have purchased endless amount of things. Good selection and rotation of goods.

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